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5 Steps To Set & SMASH Goals

We’re just about at the time where people are starting to fall off with their New Year’s resolutions, but there is so much time left in the year. Practically, the entire year! On January 1st, I overheard a news reporter speaking, from an unwatched TV in my home, and he said numbers show that most people abort their resolutions by January 12th. So a round of applause to anyone still hanging strong, we made it!

I spend a majority of my time in January setting my goals for the year, and praying for a plan of attack to achieve them. I am very goal driven and results motivated, and I think there are many people who can relate to that mindset. Here are a few tips for setting your goals, and smashing them!

1. Go big, or go bigger!
Don’t set small goals, or goals that are easily attained. When you’ve worked for something, like gave your all to something, it feels good when it’s in your grasp. I’d argue, you have a better appreciation for the end result. So set goals that will take some time, and some effort on your part. And if you’re afraid of big, go bigger! Set goals that will take some prayer, and some fasting! (Matthew 17:20-21)

2. Who gon’ check you, boo?
Accountability is the key to achieving any goal. Maybe self-accountability works for you, and if so, that is amazing! For most of us, we require more than that. The people you associate with should look more like where you want to be than like from where you’re progressing. Accountability doesn’t always feel good, so choose people who genuinely want to see you grow and can provide correction with love! (James 5:16)

3. Throw away your timeline!
When I set out to lose a 100 lbs, foolishly, I thought I could do it in a year. There are plenty of success stories of one-year massive transformations. Still, that wasn’t the story God had written for me.

The transformation victory was mine, but I wasn’t ready to receive it because I hadn’t submitted the goal to God. I petitioned for it, I prayed, I fasted, but I kept my hand in it at every level. I’m going to workout here, do this, watch this, read this and because God did it for “_________” (insert any transformed figure’s IG handle here), so He’ll do it for me – in the exact same way.

You can’t put a timeline on what God has for you! My journey to 100 lbs was 4 years. Quadruple the timeframe I set! The journey, the ups and downs, the hard months, the travels, and social outings, all shaped my journey in some way. Shaped it and helped it along. In hindsight, I wouldn’t trade God’s perfect timing for anything! (Acts 1:7)

4. Throwback Thursday?
If it’s a fitness goal, track your progress. If it’s a business goal, track your progress. Credit, budget, savings…track it! If ever you forget why you started, you’ll at least be able to reference exactly from you’ve come! Do it for the after pictures, for the testimony, and above all…for His glory! (Isaiah 60:1)

5. Drop your resolution! There is a covenant with your name on it!
I have disappointed myself on countless occasions. A resolution is a promise you make to you. Make a covenant with God, because He never fails! Put your faith in Him, and your goals are already met! (Proverbs 3:5)

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