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“A picture is worth a thousand words”- An “English language-idiom” that has been thrown around so casually in conversation but packs so much truth in its short statement. I’ve come to learn that emojis are similar to pictures and are worth a thousand words as well. There have been many instances when all else failed and I was either at a loss for words or just unenthused to make a statement and my faithful emoji friends have come to my rescue

My new favorite emoji is a reflection of the new mindset that I’ve adapted to maintain my peace of mind.

Meet 🤷🏾‍♀️ Gloria. She has wide eyes with a youthful innocence that’s eager to learn. Her hands up in an honest declaration stating that she just doesn’t know, and hands up to surrender to God. She is raw, real, humble, and truthful. She has come to the reality of knowing that sometimes it is better to admit that you don’t know or have no idea so that you can be taught the right way. She knows that putting on a front is exhausting and unnecessary. She expresses to others to “Be You” because it’s the best and most liberating way to be.

For many years I have allowed my pride of ignorance to prevent me from the growth process and journey that God was taking me through. It is truly amazing how the mind works. We can train our mind to do whatever we want it to. We can train it to stress, worry, doubt, fear, and constantly question which in return causes a trickle effect and weighs down on the rest of the body triggering unhealthy responses. Or, we can also train our minds to be optimistic, faith-driven and hopeful which enhances the health and prompts longer life terms.

For many years, actually, all of my life, I’ve trained my mind to think that I had to have all the answers. I stressed myself all the way out by constantly questioning things and forcing myself to have an understanding of why. It didn’t hit me until the peak of this new year that “I don’t know.” I don’t have the answers Sway! That used to bother me so badly to “not-know“. It wasn’t even necessarily my rough or rocky situations in which I was going through that made me angry, it was the not-knowing the meaning or purpose of the situation that triggered my anger.

I realize I used to talk too much, always trying to have an answer for everything and everyone even when it didn’t pertain to me. Now that I look back, I was kind of annoying. But thank God for a change! Listening became my new best friend. Once I learned and adapted the true art of listening, my life enhanced tremendously because I was obtaining knowledge and getting to know the depths of others instead of constantly exhausting myself by pouring out so much of my own thoughts all the time in conversations. My relationships began to develop structure and reliability. My career began to flourish and everything began to fall into perspective accordingly.

With me eliminating my pride and learning to open up to trusted, wise individuals and admit that I honestly have no idea what I’m doing and I really don’t know what being an adult looks like, I THEN became awakened and my true growth process began.

I CONSTANTLY ask myself a series of ridiculous questions on the regular like: What is an “adult”? What does that really mean? Is adulting real or nah? Who am I supposed to be in my thirties? I still remember my childhood vividly and I STILL low key feel like a wide-eyed child asking “mommy what is this and why” all day. Am I not grown for real because I still have so many child-like thoughts? Will I ever REALLY feel like a grown up or are “grown-ups” really just a figment of our imaginations?

Even with all of my regular life’s question, I have peace now because I’ve come to the realization that I may not know, but I know someone magnificent, brilliant, omnipotent, and omnipresent that knows. My God has a plan for me and a strong purpose for my life. I long as I know that he knows, and maintain the posture of my favorite emoji of the year, that peace and rest in Him will remain and He will reign victorious in my life.

So when all else fails and you just don’t know, remember Gloria. Hands up, be still and know that HE knows! 🤷🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾

Stay faithful friends!

Rashante Lee

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