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Baby Hairs & Broken Dreams

I have a confession to make… I am secretly obsessed with the art of “baby hairs.” Hear me out! Through my past experiences, I’ve learned that there is much truth to the statement “you always want what you can’t have.” Now since I’ve embarked on my natural hair journey, and I say “journey” because it has indeed been a long voyage with many ups and downs full of some good hair days and many dry haystack hair disasters, but through it all I’ve had one goal and dream to achieve laid edges and baby hairs so sleek you’d think I’m fresh out the womb. But after many failed attempts and broken baby hair dreams I almost gave up.

I thought that although I do consider myself a true artist, designer, and connoisseur of art, perhaps the art of baby hairs was not my calling and out of my lane. However, I am not one to take no for an answer nor give up on a dream so I delved deeper into this thang.

I’ve learned that mastering “laid” baby hairs takes the same amount of effort to achieve as any other goal that one may set. It requires work, time, and a plan. These ideals can be put into practice for any accomplishments you may reach toward.

Step 1: “Write the vision, make it plain”. (Habakkuk 2:2) Identify your goal. Make it simple and straight to the point what it is that you want and you’re trying to achieve. A target is much easier to hit when it’s in plain view sight.

Example: I want laid edges and baby hairs. Boom! That’s the goal!

Step 2: Do your research. Find the individuals that are achieving in that area of expertise. Learn the process that they’ve used to achieve the goals that you’re setting out to do. Youtube it! Read books! Google it. Get reference photos and perhaps even make a vision board.

Example: Chili (from the singing group TLC) is the QUEEN of fresh, wispy, and sleek baby hairs, So let me research what she uses to lay them hairs. If I can’t find any info on her process, I can for darn sure find someone else close to it.

Step 3: Get the tools for success. Whether it’s a goal to be a writer, author, photographer, designer, astronaut, ballerina, doctor or what have you, each field/career requires the proper tools, supplies or kit to get the job done. In this instance my tools for success were: a hard bristle toothbrush, gel (preferably Olive Oil EcoStyler gel), edge control, leave in conditioner and a good silk scarf.

Step 4: Put in the work. Don’t be afraid of failure. The most successful people, businesses, and inventions were achieved through countless attempts and failures. So although I may have had smooth beady-bees and soft afro edges instead of baby hairs on the first few attempts, I didn’t let the failures discourage or stop me.

Step 5: Embrace the process. Know that good things come to those who wait. Pressure makes diamonds! Many blessings are endured when you’ve learned to be patient with the process and enjoy the ride every step of the way.

Example: I had to come to an understanding that with my hair texture, I can’t just throw gel on these edges and expect success. My hair type requires time, patience and a unique process to achieve the goal. After I complete the steps of application, learned to properly utilize the tools, then put in the work, there is a wait involved. I had to give it time to manifest. A had to apply pressure (my scarf tied around my edges) and wait it out.

So, people, I come to you today excited to share that I now have well-trained edges and baby hairs! They may not be perfect or on Chili’s level of sleekness, but they have evolved and arrived and I am thrilled about my progress and how far I’ve come.

Keep pressing forward toward your dreams and goals. Know that the journey, the process, the work, and the wait is worth it and will get you closer to mending your broken dreams and achieving success!

Stay faithful friends!

Rashante Lee-Seaborn

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