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  • Lord, I trust You to fight for me! (Exodus 14:14)
Lord, I am relying on You for my strength! (Isaiah 49:29)

  • Lord, I know that You love me! (Isaiah 54:10)

  • Lord, I am confident that You will keep me! (1 Peter 1:5)

  • Lord, thank you for providing me with wisdom and knowledge! (James 1:5)

I used to cringe at the word “promise”. I have been the keeper of broken promises, both, spoken and implied. It’s hard living in the world while trying to operate in the spirit. Getting warped in man’s promise when you know, firsthand, that God’s promise is the only one that is ALWAYS be fulfilled. There’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that everything God PROMISED me will come to pass.

When I operate in the world, I doubt. When I operate in obedience to what and where the Holy Spirit is moving me to, then I remember. If I ever go missing, I am either operating heavy in obedience or heavy in disobedience. I’m either all up in God’s face, or trying to manhandle my life myself. I’m human. I slip up. Oh, but for grace!

I will never promise you anything. I will never accept a promise from you, either. But if you are like me, and looking for a promise, then I’m telling you ain’t-a promise in this world that can hold a fire to the promise God has for you.

I know, because He has those same promises for me, and for the promise – I don’t mind believing, again. I don’t mind waiting, again. I don’t mind fighting, again. I don’t mind being all up in God’s face with an empty heart, asking Him to fill it…and an open spirit for Him to pour into.

I will wait for You to fight for me.
 I will wait for Your strength.
I will wait in Your love.
I will wait in Your covering.
I will wait for wisdom from You.
I will wait.
For Your glory, Lord!

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