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Men, Wear Your Coat With Honor

Being a wife and covering your husband like a “coat” of safety is to be expected and is beneficial when the man is understanding of his role as well and is providing a safe place of refuge and protection for his coat.

Are you the type of man who wears his coat to the ground until it is filled with holes, dirt, and damaged? Or are you the type of man that wears his coat like a reward or badge of honor because you understand the role and duties of the coat and you respect what it has to offer.

Are you the kind of man that takes his coat to the dry cleaner when it is in need of care to check the condition and well being of the coat? Or are you the type of man that uses the coat until it’s dusty and worn to shreds, then moves on to the next when you’ve gotten your wear out of it?

You see, most women would love to be in a space to be able to cover her man like a coat, but there are far too many men that haven’t, don’t, or won’t maintain the condition of their coat, or in this case, the woman’s heart and spirit causing the woman to leave the relationship feeling overly worn out and used. Women have so much strength to be in the role of covering, but for this to be successful, we too need shelter from the storm. We can be weather-resistant to protect our men and families from many storms that life may bring, but in return, we need to be cared for, maintained, sustained as well and reassured to know that all of our hard work and coverage is not fallen onto shaky grounds to a careless owner.

So let’s evaluate, and make sure that this message is clear to all men and women so that we can properly know the duties of the coat and the wearer. Let’s choose to encourage men to wear their coats like it’s a custom tailored Armani Silk Blazer, and not like a Walmart Dickies work coat.

With a Dickies work coat, although it is constructed with a durable and strong canvas fabric, the wearer of it has a high expectation that it will be there through thick and thin no matter what condition you put it in. When you wear this coat, you let it get ripped, dusty, torn, and worn out because that’s what you’ve grown accustomed to with all of the coats you’ve ever had. You keep wearing it and wearing it until it can’t be worn anymore. This is the type of coat that is not tailored for you but it’s just something you wear for a season to get the job done. At what point do the wearer and coat realize that the season in which God had for them has lapsed? When is the proper time to identify that this coat may not have been created to endure all that the wearer may have expected from it because the coat went into the situation with a mindset that it would be treated of a level where it was valued higher?

Choose to honor your coat and show the world how hard you worked to earn that coat, and show how much that coat makes you better. That coat is not only valuable but it adds value to you and what you stand for. That coat enhances your beauty and attributes. That coat blessed you with a light that no one can deny. It gives you swag and confidence that no other coat has because it was designed for you. Show others that your coat is quality. Your coat is made of fine materials and should be treated as such. Your coat is made of integrity and built by a master tailor specifically to cater to the movements of your individual body.

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