Our Story

God gave me a vision and I thanked Him for it. I said I would save money and start later.

He said no, now.
He sent me someone that gave financially, with no strings attached and no questions asked. This was the boost I needed to begin.


I was excited for the women I'd impact through this platform and started working on the website making everything pink! --God said no, you and this are for everyone.
Convicted by His word I tore everything down and rebuilt with men and women in mind.
God sent me a branding specialist to consult with for free. God sent me a lawyer to draft paperwork for me, for free.

And when I realized it would be too much writing to take on alone he highlighted more people that would be a part of the team and my writers went from 0-7 with a simple ask.

I had faith in what God was telling me, I had faith in what God was showing me, and I had faith in the process. He gave me His word and I gave Him my finesse.
We know that faith without works is dead, and this platform is proof of that.
What I bring to the table--what I bring to God's throne is my finesse. My unique way of putting in work to the words that have been spoken over and into my life.
And now, we get to share that with you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you set foundations in your life and give you the tools you need to Faith It, Finesse It, and Success It.
Thank you for joining us, we can't wait to see you Faith & Finesse
- Bry <3