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Paralysis By Analysis

“Paralysis: The loss of the ability to move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or most of the body, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury.”

According to a recent study conducted, there are nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis – approximately 5.4 million people in the United States. These numbers are only reflecting those who are physically paralyzed. But what about those who are mentally or spiritually paralyzed due to self inflicted stagnancy? How many of us are choosing to be paralyzed and prevent forward movement in our own lives?

Everyday we wake up, we are granted with an opportunity to renew ourselves and create a new journey with a fresh perspective and momentum. Yet, oftentimes, we choose to paralyze our life’s movement by negative thoughts, insecurities, unnecessary over-questioning, over-thinking and over-analyzing situations. How many times have you had a vision, goal, thought, idea, or dream that you talked yourself out of? You allowed fear of the unknown to creep into your mind and thought process and created paralysis due to over-analysis.

When presented with an opportunity to grow, it’s great to create a path and plan of action to start the process and execute the vision, but it’s unfair to our potential and GOD’s purpose for our lives to over-analyze the “hows.” Just trust the process. Take the ride.

“Immobility, powerlessness, incapacity” are all relative words and synonyms of the word paralysis, but they are also antonyms to the definition of FAITH. God calls us to be mobile, taking leaps of faith into our destinies. He created us to be powerful because we are created in HIS image to impact the world while reflecting HIS Light and greatness. We are built with the capacity to govern our thoughts accordingly to produce fruitful results in our lives. Live free not fearful. Use all of your limbs, mindset and resources to pursue your purpose and prevent yourself from paralyzing your potential.

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