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Play BIG: God Wants You To Have The Desires Of Your Heart

Delight thyself also in the LORD, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4 KJV

My deposit for my yearly bonus had hit my account. I knew exactly what I had planned for the money. Tithes, gifting to my home team, sow a blessing seed, pay off some of my figure competition expenses, and finally a gift for myself. My gift to myself, after carefully considering and rationalizing the purchase, was a set of AirPods. I have owned several wireless earbuds and they all eventually get affected by sweat or get a shortage in the ear to ear wiring. I was so excited about this purchase.

The AirPods added such ease to my workouts. I was able to run and function, just as smoothly as I would without. It was awesome and I was in love. The week after purchasing them, carrying the case in my hand, and wearing the buds in my ear, I saw a train approaching heading in the direction that I was traveling. I took the buds out of my ear and slid them in the case. I put the case in the front pocket of my jeans, and I took off running.

Out of breath, I found a seat in the first car and went to pull out my headphones. My pocket, on the skin tight jeans I was wearing, was empty. But how? How could I not feel them slide out? How could I not hear them fall?

To say the least, I was sad. My mother suggested that I just buy another pair if I loved them so much. I told her that “God must not want me to have them.” So I bought a cheaper pair of wireless earbuds because that’s what I felt like I deserved. In hindsight, it was never that I couldn’t afford to buy another pair but I was afraid that if I did they would just end up lost, or stolen because God didn’t want me to have them.

A few months later, and all thoughts of the AirPods buried, my mother gifted me with a replacement pair. It was heartwarming and such a revelation for me.

How many times have you assumed that God wants less for you because life throws losses your way? How many times have you proclaimed that God doesn’t want you to have something that your heart desires? Sure, in this case, we’re talking small. In the grander vision of things, how many times have you proclaimed “If God wanted me to be married, I’d have a spouse” or “If that job was for me, God would give it to me?” I do it all the time!

You’re not doing yourself justice by playing small; by saying I’ll get the cheaper pair, or take the obvious route, accept the lateral job offer or marry the first man to call me consecutively for 5 days. You’re not doing yourself justice by accepting every first no as a final no, or all opposition as defeat. God absolutely wants you to have ALL the desires of your heart. Small AirPods, or large houses.

He wants to bless you, and the opposition was never meant to make you complacent! Sometimes when you’re running toward something, you will encounter some losses. If God allows it to be taken, He will either restore it or upgrade it.

Trust Him, and believe!

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