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Reconciliation Doesn’t Mean Restoration

A lot of times we will let pride keep us from resolving conflict with people we love and care about. These conversations are not only necessary for us to end our issues with the person, but also for us to release them so we are not walking around with the burden.

Trust me it is a beautiful feeling when you can reconcile with someone and no longer feel like there is a dark cloud over your head. Now although it is great to reconcile with people and to move forward in life, there are certain times when the relationship should not be revived.

Forgiveness is never for the other person, it’s always for you. With that being said the point of forgiving someone isn’t always for you to rekindle the friendship/relationship. There will be times when you reconcile with someone just so you can end the relationship on good terms.

We have to do better with discerning when people’s seasons are up in our lives. Sometimes we hold onto certain relationships based off of how long we have known a person, where we grew up, or even our common interest, but in all actuality, all of those things are minor details as to why we should keep people around.

An easy way to tell if someone is worth keeping is taking a step back to analyze what value they add to your life. Any relationship should help to compliment who you are and make you a better person. If you feel like a relationship is one-sided and draining then that’s a key to knowing it’s time to end it.

Another key thing to do is to evaluate the relationship by telling the person how you feel about your friendship/relationship and let them do the same and if your views on it do not match up it is probably time to end it.

Implementing these tools when reconciling with someone will help you to not only handle conflict better but also help you to not waste time with relationships that add no value to your life!

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